About Us


 The Raw & Rare Brand is a brand of premium clothing.

 The Brand started as a vision in Atlanta, Georgia in the early 2000’s through the passion for music and the atlanta culture.

 The 5rnative group was formed which is the group behind the launching of the Raw & Rare brand. The desire to help others, to build confidence, and to motivate people to understand their importance in everyday life became a driving force behind the brand.



The Raw & Rare brand represents people who are other than: Other than ordinary, other than timid, and other than mediocre. We want to appeal to those who comfortably, and confidently exemplify themselves in their individual sense of being raw and rare. We want to relate to that unique inner element that will stand out with boldness, class and style…that which is indeed: Raw & Rare.



The focus is on exemplifying and magnifying the individual talent and personalities. While promoting positive speech, actions and activities.



The specialty is in premium quality apparel—especially hats and shirts.

We produce products that convey positive messages for affirmative uplifting—

We also sponsor and employ events in conjunction to our mission.