Raw & Rare Entertainment 

RAW & RARE Entertainment Is a bold new blueprint for entertaining.

 Raw & Rare ENT.

 It is the art of painting imperfect pictures in that sound and those verses. It is the evolution in the game of rap... With a change in the methodology of making music. It is exactly what you are not expecting, in the true creative concepts... It is a revolutionary endeavor that will resonate in your cranium, while permeating the very soul of the listeners as an imperfect picture in the musical mindset. This is RAW & RARE ENTERTAINMENT!

New To The Roster Atlanta and Raw & Rare Ent.'s own JG. JG is set to make his album debut this year.

Check Out Tay Real EDM mixes
Check Out Tay Real Lofi Mixes

2 Drunk Sistas Podcast 
coming mid June 

Two sisters with a love for anything supernatural, 
horror, sci-fi, and fantasy films/shows Unedited and Unscripted. 

Painting Imperfect Pictures Playlist

Official playlist for Raw & Rare Entertainment 


Raw & Rare Ent.

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